Sustainable Management of Resilient Bee Populations


French agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES), France


Anses is a public agency reporting to French ministries for health, agriculture, environment, work, and consumer affairs that offers solutions to increase the effectiveness of State decisions and to ensure a satisfactory level of safety in its areas of expertise. The Agency employs 1,300 staff across 13 laboratories and has an annual turnover of €100 million. It represents France within the European Food Safety Authority.

The Sophia Antipolis laboratory employs 35 staff members. The laboratory has a history of 35 years in the fields of honeybee biology and pathology. It has been nominated European reference laboratory for bee health (EURL), and is also national reference laboratory for bee diseases. The bee diseases unit has a broad expertise on viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases of honeybees and other environmental stressors, particularly pesticides. The laboratory also runs an experimental apiary and has strong links with local and national bodies involved in apiculture.