Sustainable Management of Resilient Bee Populations


SMARTBEES will establish a network for conservation of the European honeybee subspecies

One of the main aims of Smartbees is to conserve genetic diversity of the European honeybee subspecies. To help achieve this, Smartbees is establishing a network of individuals and groups working to conserve the different subspecies of European honeybees. We therefore invite individuals or groups involved in the conservation of any of the European subspecies of honeybees to help us collect information on the present conservation efforts. By establishing such a network, it will be easier to share knowledge, gain from each other’s experience and make the concept of honeybee conservation more visible for decision makers.

We ask conservation groups/organizations to participate in a little survey to collect information on honeybee conservation groups/organizations and conservation areas for honeybees across Europe. Register for the survey by filling out the “Contact us” form on our website and choose the subject “Conservation network” or contact us directly from here.