Sustainable Management of Resilient Bee Populations


SmartBees in the News

The German Bee Journal „Deutsches Bienenjournal“ featured the project in an interview explaining the meaning and importance of the Smartbees project. You find this interview in 2/2015 issue of the journal. It might be possible to link to this interview directly in the future. We will update this news accordingly.

Furthermore, the project has been mentioned in 2 other publications (both in German):

Bienefeld, K. (2014); Zuchterfolg oder genetische Vielfalt bei der Honigbiene ? Schweizer Bienen-Zeitung 137(12), 12-15
Bienefeld, K. (2015); Bienen-Landflucht bringt Probleme, VDL Nachrichten 65(1), 11

UPDATE: July 22 2015:
you find the interview now online at the Bienenjournal. Follow this link.