Sustainable Management of Resilient Bee Populations


Video interviews on youtube on how to improve your beekeeping

For beekeepers that need advise to improve their beekeeping. Here a few short interviews with key scientists in the field. Read More…

SMARTBEES at APIMONDIA: Gold medal for DVD: "Queen rearing in an intensive system"

Our Romanian SMARTBEES partner ICDA has won the Gold medal for its scientific, didactic and technical video film "Queen rearing in an intensive system": Read More…

SMARTBEES in Research Gate

There is a great interest for SMARTBEES project in the social networking of researchers and scientists Research Gate:
Check this project out here" Read More…

SMARTBEES at APIMONDIA, September 29th- October 4th, Istanbul, Turkey

At the 45th International Apicultural Congress APIMONDIA September 29th- October 4th, Istanbul, Turkey, members of SMARTBEES consortium are going to give talks/organize Round Tables discussions relevant to the project. Read More…

SMARTBEES training on instrumental insemination in Pulawy, Poland

The SMARTBEES training for instrumental insemination of honey bee queens was organized in the laboratory of the Bee department in Pulawy (Poland) from 8th to 12th of July. Eleven participants from Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Poland and Lithuania were trained by Dr. Malgorzata Bienkowska and Dr. Jacob Wegener in the basic techniques for instrumental insemination as well as in management of drone producing colonies.




3rd Seminar for SMARTBEES coordinators in Pulawy, Poland

The 3rd SMARTBEES seminar for the breeding coordinators ( was held in Pulawy (Poland). During the two days seminar (6th and 7th July) the participants actively discussed the progress achieved so far and the challenges faced during the implementation of the breeding programs. In addition, suggestions and ideas concerning the future of the SMARTBEES breeding network were presented and discussed.



SMARTBEES meets Malta's president

SMARTBEES' consortium member Hessen Bee Institute, Germany, Dr. Aleksandar Uzunov (right), met with Hon. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta, and Prof. David Mifsud, University of Malta & Breeds of Origin Conservancy, to discuss the planning of future conservation strategies for the Maltesean native honeybee, Apis mellifera ruttneri.


List of publications supported by the SMARTBEES fund

Please see HERE for a continuously updated list of publications generated by various members of the SMARTBEES consortium.