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SMARTBEES at APIMONDIA: Gold medal for DVD: "Queen rearing in an intensive system"

Our Romanian SMARTBEES partner ICDA has won the Gold medal for its scientific, didactic and technical video film "Queen rearing in an intensive system":
The video film, which is 67 minutes long and has a high quality image (full HD), was published on DVD and is available in Romanian and English language. It was produced for all beekeepers that want to produce mated queens for their own needs or for selling, being also an important educational tool for the whole queen rearing process and local bee breeding and conservation efforts.

The video film is structured into the following chapters:
1. The queen of the bees; 2. Natural swarming; 3. Supersedure queens; 4. Emergency queens; 5. Breeder colony selection for queen and drone rearing; 6. Drone rearing; 7. Starter colony formation; 8. Grafting; 9. Introducing and harvesting queen cells in starter colony; 10. Preparation of the queen cells frames for finishing colony; 11. Introducing queen cells into the finishing colony; 12. Queen cells isolation in cages for emerging; 13. Queens emerging in normal colonies or in incubator; 14. Mating nuclei formation; 15. Other types of mating nuclei; 16. Introducing a queen cell or a virgin queen to a nucleus, artificial swarm or queenless colony; 17. Nuclei inspection, mated queens harvesting, weighing and caging for delivery; 18. Queen bank colonies; 19. Introducing a mated queen in a colony; 20. Quality queens – strong and productive colonies.

More information available on the web:

A short advertising presentation can be find on youtube

Contact: Adrain Siceanu or Eliza Cauia