Sustainable Management of Resilient Bee Populations


Video interviews on youtube on how to improve your beekeeping

For beekeepers that need advise to improve their beekeeping. Here a few short interviews with key scientists in the field.
Ralph Büchler a WorkPackage leader in SmartBees, working on improving honey bee tolerance to varroa infestations, making a important progress in getting beekeepers onboard.

Per Kryger a Work Package leader in SmartBees, stressing the need for beekeepers to get involved in breeding projects, using local bees, rather than thinking the bees can be bought elsewhere.

Norman Carreck of IBRA and Sussex University, editor of a coming book on honey bee breeding, relating the challenges facing beekeepers in Great Britain from imported bees.

Fani Hatjina, from the Greek Bee Institute in Thessaloniki, and running a SmartBees testing apiary. Fani shares experiences concerning environmental stressors and what beekeepers need to improve their business.

Everything is found at the youtube channel of Akademia Pszczelarza.